PPT2SWF Converter SDK/API/Source

Build your custom PowerPoint to Flash conversion software or implement conversion capabilities into your application/web service using PPT to SWF converter SDK/API. Great choice for corporate and business usage to enable stream conversion of big massive of files.

Need even more flexible integration? Order PPT2SWF Converter source code/library! Expand the boundaries of standard PowerPoint conversion features and get fully versatile and customizable PowerPoint ppt/pptx/pps/ppsx to Flash swf converting toolkit.


PowerPoint to Flash Converter

Convert .ppt, .pptx, .pps, .ppsx to .swf, .exe and other file formats using powerful and flexible PowerPoint to Flash converter! Get the highest quality of your presentation in output Adobe Flash file. PPT2SWF Converter is perfect choice for personal or infrequent usage.

Flexible conversion settings, preserved animations, transitions, bullets and other effects, Action Script support, right-left texts support and lot of other vital features are available and constantly improving in this great and affordable tool!

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Fast, easy, high-quality and flexible PowerPoint to Flash (.swf) or executable (.exe) conversion with PPT2SWF software.

Create a lot of exciting interactive content, share and publish it to web easily! Great opportunity to share your ideas with people.

Produce educational content for convenient online sharing and cross-platform distribution with PPT2SWF conversion software. We can also develop custom e-learning software with various powerful facilities for online education efficient workflow.

Great PowerPoint Conversion Software And Solutions

Still looking for some working PowerPoint to Flash converting software? Tired from “free” online/desktop solutions that can’t preserve animations and don’t give you enough quality of conversion?

How about to get a PPT to SWF Converter that:

  • Has a reduced size of the output file, high speed and great quality of conversion;
  • Affordable, user-friendly and easy-to-use;
  • Preserves most of effects, transitions and animations you’ve created in PowerPoint presentation
  • Easily converts .ppt/.pptx, .pps/.ppsx to .swf/.exe formats;
  • Supports right-left (Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu) texts and animations;
  • Supports conversion of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Cyrillic and other non-Latin symbols;
  • Supports Action Script;
  • Microsoft Office 2010/2007/2003 compatible;
  • Has a customized Flash Player included;
  • Has FTP upload possibility;
  • Fast responding support;
  • Wide customization facilities (SDK and source code is available);

All these benefits and even more are available in PPT2SWF conversion software – the best choice for personal and corporate usage. Download free trial version of the product to ensure in its efficiency.


Share your ideas, educate, produce content, and promote your business with best on market PowerPoint to Flash conversion software!


After trying numerous solutions on the web and wasting a full day in the process I finally downloaded PPT2SWF and within 5 minutes got the result I was looking for. If you want to convert a powerpoint presentation to flash … look no further. Thanks guys, your software is totally worth the cost.

Jurius Venter

A good product at an excellent price. Thanks again.

Tim O’Toole

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