Why Flash presentations? Discover benefits.

Did you ever think about the possibility to make your PPT presentations look like Flash with lots of advantages?

Every presentation developer knows that it is not easy to make a high-quality presentation, but what is more difficult – it is to make this presentation easily accessible and distributable. Large file size is one of disadvantages make hard to share your presentation among other users.

Nowadays, when Internet becomes more popular from day to day, traditional business approaches has been replaced by different new ways. One of the most popular ways is the product promotion with creating slide shows and presentations. These presentations are showed on exhibits, advertised on television and shared among people and companies.

If you want to drive more benefits from your presentation it is the great possibility to convert it into Flash. Such kind of PowerPoint presentation has compressed size and it is easy to share it through the Internet. At the same time presentation converted into Flash supports various Internet browsers or Flash players, so you need not to install PowerPoint on every computer the presentation will be displayed. You will be able even to send the converted presentation by email. Also such presentation is proofed from any changes or editing.

Drive more benefits from PowerPoint presentation converted into Flash

1. File size reduction.

While converting PPT presentation into Flash, file size reduces. It is very useful for sharing your presentation among other people and for example sending it by email. PPT to Flash converters change size of your PowerPoint presentation up to 98%. Such kind of compressed presentation is much better to distribute.

2. Save all your special effects
PPT to Flash converter operates accurately and save most of effects and specifications of your PPT presentation, like video, audio, animations, hyperlinks etc. All of the original effects become unchanged after converting PowerPoint presentation into Flash.

3. Great accessibility for various Viewers
You can easily view the PPT presentation converted into Flash in any browser because most of them have Flash plug-in. It is also easy to share the presentation via email or CD wherever you are, you have not to install PowerPoint, just use your Internet browser.

4. Streaming
Streaming technology that is used by Flash files allows to watch the PowerPoint presentation without downloading it on the computer.

5. High security of Flash files
Comparing PowerPoint presentation with Flash you can see that Flash presentations are more secured. Everybody can edit PowerPoint presentation while Flash presentation is unchangeable, it has no option for making any changes or editing that makes it tamper proof.

6. Other options in Flash presentations
Flash is a great format for distributing PowerPoint presentations. It provides multi-platform compatibility and provides fast file performing. It has possibility of audio and video integration which are displayed on different resolutions and screens.

7. Easy PPT to Flash conversion just with one click
You can convert PowerPoint presentation into Flash with a mouse click. You may don`t know anything about coding and make efficient Flash presentation using converting software. Most of the PPT to Flash converters also have online support – especially PPT2SWF Converter designed by ABTO Software. We are able to help with different custom cases of complicated PPT presentation conversion.

There are several quite good PowerPoint to Flash converting software available on market today. All of them are easy to use but no one is that versatile as PPT to SWF converting tool by ABTO Software. It can convert fonts, text styles, left to right texts, non-Latin and non-Cyrillic texts, images, audio, video, animations, graphics, and navigation controls without losing most of effects.

Just download free trial version of this software and try it. You will sure like your Flash presentation with lots of effects and will be surprised that it is so easy to create impressive presentation without studying Flash.