User manual – PPT2SWF Converter


PPT2SWF Converter allows to convert PowerPoint presentation into Flash in easy way

System requirements

PPT2SWF Converter is compatible with:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7 x32
  • Windows 7 x64

Microsoft Office PowerPoint (2003 or later versions) should also be installed.

Base functions

  • PowerPoint presentations to SWF or .exe conversion
  • Slide thumbnails creation in various formats(jpg, png, bmp)
  • Breaking presentation into slides
  • Converting slides exclusively from user-specified range
  • Generation of XML-file while presentation conversion

Conversion in PPT2SWF Converter carried out in one of the modes:

  • Convert to .SWF
    Presentation converts into SWF-file
  • Convert to .EXE
    Presentation converts into .exe-file
  • Generate thumbnails
    Program generates slide thumbnails into jpg format in default mode

Main window

There are following elements in the main window of the program:

  • textbox “Presentation”
    User has the possibility to enter the path to the presentation that has to be converted
  • Presentation selection button
    Pressing the button calls the pop-up window for selecting the presentation that has to be converted
  • Text field “Convert to”
    user can to enter the path to the source folder
  • The “source folder selection” button
    After pressing the button the pop-up window for source folder selection comes up
  • Pop-up list to select presentation conversion mode
    It is possible to select one of the presentation conversion way in the list
  • “Convert” button
    Press the button for conversion of chosen presentation
  • “More Option” button
    After pressing this button setup menu of additional options unfolds

Additional options configuration

Menu of setting additional functions contains the following tabs:

  • General
  • Animation
  • Thumbnails
  • Advanced
  • License

More information about the elements of each of the tabs:

General options

Current section of the setup menu contains the following elements:

  • New movie name
    The output file name is specified in this text box
  • Split slides into separated movies
    Presentation is converted into individual slides with this option
  • Convert the following slides
    This option allows to select range of slides from a presentation that will be converted
  • Сonverted images quality
    Current option allows you to select the image quality of the output file. The program converts images in optimum quality by default.
  • Close status window after connection
    If you select this option the status window will be closed after conversion
  • Generate XML
    Selecting this option XML-file will be generated during conversion.

Animations options

This section of the setup menu contains the following elements:

  • Convert slide transitions
    This option allows to convert slide transitions effect and is enable by default.
  • Convert animations
    Option provides animation effects conversion and is enable by default.  User can also select an auto play animation function.
  • Hide navigation panel
    Option allows to hide the navigation bar in the source file
  • Loop playing
    Selecting this option the presentation will be played from the beginning after last slide reproduction
  • Auto slides transitions
    Selecting current function transition between slides will be carried out automatically

Thumbnails options

This section contains the following items:

  • Text fields “Start filenames” and “Slides filenames”
    Using current data text fields user can specify the names of the html-files containing slide thumbnails of PowerPoint presentation
  • Image format
    Option lets to select slide thumbnails format

Advanced option

Current section of the setup menu contains the following elements:

  • Convert audio
    Option allows to convert audio
  • Keep input quality
    Selecting this function audio in the source file will have the same forma as in the PowerPoint presentation
  • Audio Rate and Bitrate
    Using these functions user can set audio and bit rate for audio in the source presentation
  • Type
    This option allows to select the type of audio (mono or stereo) in the source file
  • Compress output file
    Current option allows to reduce the size of the output file

License option

This section of setup menu contains the form to fill licensing data (License User and License Key).