New Updated PPT2SWF Converter 1.3 and PPT2SWF SDK 4.3 are available!

ABTO Software is constantly working for you to get the best experience possible. We are glad to present an updated version of our powerful software – PPT2SWF Converter and its SDK where we added new features and fixed some bugs. Learn more about what we suggested in the updated version of PowerPoint to Flash conversion software:

Added possibility for converting Hebrew texts (displaying of paragraphs, punctuation, bullets)

We are working on increasing opportunities of presentations conversion for our  worldwide customers. That is why we added a great possibility for those who use Hebrew in their PowerPoint presentation and then want to convert it in Flash.

Implemented animations for Hebrew texts (displaying of paragraphs, punctuation, bullets)

This version of PPT to Flash Converter supports various kinds of animations in Hebrew texts. Now you can convert your presentation in Hebrew without any restrictions.

Added support of right-left texts (displaying of paragraphs, punctuation, bullets)

We made it possible to convert presentations for right-to-left languages: Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew and Urdu. To presenting you our new version of PowerPoint to flash converter and it SDK we developed a new system that supports texts in languages with right-to-left direction.

Fixed bugs with parsing of fonts

In the previous version of our PPT2SWF Converter there was a problem with fonts recognition, especially in languages with right-to-left orientation, and with Chinese characters identification. We fixed these bugs in the current version of Power Point to Flash converter.

Fixed invalid link to audio file creation

One of our users faced a problem with the inability to link to the audio file. We solved this problem in the current update and also fixed bugs with various audio formats support.

Fixed invalid link to video file creation

We fixed the bug with linked video file recognition. Now video files can be properly run  in the converted presentation.

Fixed conversion of Chinese  symbols

Our updated PPT2SWF Converter recognizes Chinese characters much more accurately. This simplifies the conversion process and allows you to avoid inaccuracies after conversion.

Feel free to report your issue!

As a result of your feedback, we have improved our PPT to Flash Converter and its SDK and will continue to make more exciting developments.

We are happy to be in touch with you and get any feedback about our PowerPoint conversion software to provide its constant improvement. Feel free to report any problem you have experienced with it by e-mail , general support ticket system, or through other communication lines.

Even if your problem is out of the range of our PowerPoint conversion software standard capabilities we are still able to offer you a custom solution!

In the meantime you can enjoy current updates of our top-notch PPT to SWF converting tools and SKD that provide more opportunities and even higher results.