Q: I’m using texts written in Chinese in my presentations. Does your SDK allow to convert such presentations into .swf format?

Yes, but with some limitations. Custom Chinese (Korean, Japan, Arabic etc) fonts can be converted into similar standard ones. And some margins between words and letters can be shown incorrectly. If you need your target file match your source presentation you have to order customization of SDK giving us your custom fonts and possibility to communicate to native speakers.

Q: Using SDK on MS Server 2008 I’ve got problem – some text of presentation isn’t shown on target .swf

The issue with disappearing of fonts was evoked by UAC of MS Windows and user permissions. When you are logged as simple user, UAC doesn't allow you to perform doing some operations (like getting access to registry’s keys). That's why you have to start program running by right clicking on it and selecting "Run as Administrator" item.

I would like to know the differences between single user and multi user licenses? By the way, how many computers can I install with multi ?

Single License means 1 user on 1 PC. Multi (Site) License means unlimited seats within 1 organization in one location. It means if your company has its office in one building, with Multi License you can install our tool on each PC of your employees (even for 100 or 200 users). If you have several offices in different locations, for each location you need to have its own license.

Q: Does this SDK work without MS office installed?

No it doesn’t. You need to have MS office installed on your PC (version not later than the version in which source .ppt or pptx file was created). Also .NET Framework 4.0 has to be installed for working the SDK.

Q: Are there any limitations for effects using in presentations?

One effect for an object is normal and it doesn’t cause any problems regardless of the number of objects in your presentation. But using multi-effects for some objects can cause unpredictable result because of possible conflicts of different effects timing

Q: How can I obtain an evaluation version of PPT2SWF SDK?

You can always download the latest evaluation version of PPT2SWF SDK on the download page.

Q: How can I purchase PPT2SWF SDK?

Please send request using our Order form.

Q: Can you customize your software for our needs?

Yes, we can. Please send us your requirements and a sales person will be contacting you soon.

Q: What are limitations for trial version?

There is our watermark on each slide.