E-learning software and content development

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There are lots of advantages of online and computer-based learning. E-learning is a viable alternative to traditional face-to-face courses and lectures. It can be used by individuals, educational institutions and businesses.

One of the major advantages of e-learning is convenience. It allows students to work and learn at their own pace without the unyielding time restrictions of traditional learning. Another major benefit of e-learning is the accessibility it provides. Students can learn from anywhere in the world. This is an especially important consideration for students who wish to study abroad.

ABTO Software`s e-learning tools

ABTO Software created the number of products and their SDK that can be used as e-learning software or help with e-learning production.

One of those products is our PPT to SWF Converter that delivers higher compatibility and accessibility. As an e-learning tool it is very compact and portable. Software we offer is able to become an e learning solution as it preserve all the Power Point animation, sounds and other necessary effects.

Our company has all the necessary resources for elaboration individual e-learning systems with the help of such e-learning software development tools like abtoVNC SDK, VirtualCam SDK, VOIP SIP SDK and PPT2SWF SDK. These product`s SDK were designed to simplify creation of your e-learning content development tools.

Easy remote education

AbtoVNC SDK allows you to build an application that connects to remote desktop of another computer (via internet or network) and controls it. It means you can work with remote computer, as if you were sitting in front of it. This SDK-based software can be successfully used for group-studying, progress monitoring and demonstration of results.

Expand the boundaries of studying. Record, process, broadcast video

With VirtualCam SDK – you are able to build a real web camera emulator. You can use this SDK-based virtual camera as one of e-learning solutions and send video feed images and recorded videos without using regular web camera.

Great communication and conference opportunity

VOIP SIP SDK – provides a powerful and highly customizable solution to quickly add SIP based dial and receive phone calls features in your software applications. It accelerates the development of SIP compliant soft phone with a fully-customizable user interface and brand name. This is a great tool to support live communication, group conference and discussion between students and tutors.

Easy educational content production

With the help of powerful e-learning software development solution PPT2SWF SDK you can create your own PowerPoint to Flash converter or implement its capabilities to the e-learning system / web-service that will be extremely useful for distant studying.

All-in-one complex e-learning solution

All these solutions built with our SDK can be applied in e-learning development of various powerful platforms for distant studying and working. You can combine them and create the high-end e-learning software for business process, trainings and traineeships management. ABTO Software is ready to develop such kind of customized multifunctional e-learning systems for individual order. Please send your request on sales@ppt2swfsdk.com of fill the form in “Contact Us” section for more information.

ABTO Software`s SDK-based products give you a lot of opportunities for e-learning development. Software we offer is flexible, reliable and holds a leading position on the market.