PPT2SWF Converter SDK

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High-quality basis for your PowerPoint to Flash converter development.

ABTO Software’s PPT2SWF Converter SDK allows to develop your own PowerPoint to Flash Converter easily. This highly efficient tool will enable you to create interactive Flash presentation preserving all the important Power Point effects like audio, animation, transitions, videos etc.

Our PowerPoint to Flash converter SDK possesses outstanding capabilities:

Add more options to your software with our PPT to SWF SDK / API

For conversion flexibility use PPT to SWF SDK.

With ABTO Software`s PPTX to SWF Converter SDK you can build your own customized application to serve specific business goals and improve the corporate workflow. You can also create visually attractive and captivating online e-learning courses used for various educational purposes. Our top-notch SDK allows you to use different functions of PPT2SWF Converter and change configurations depending on your needs and purposes.

ABTO Software also offers the source code of PPT2SWF Converter for individual order.

PPT to SWF Converter source code/library gives you the control to fix, improve, and extend the code as needed. You can utilize it for creating your own highly efficient application, use various parts of the code or customize it to fulfill your own needs. It allows fixing problems in the code independently of vendor support. The PPTX to SWF API permits optimizing the code for your particular processor, for size rather than speed, etc. PowerPoint to Flash library also allows you to further reduce memory usage.

Discover possibilities of integration our SDK / API in your applications


PPTX to SWF converter SDK/source code can be utilized for e-learning production. Such SDK-based software can be successfully used for group-studying, progress monitoring, demonstration of results and lot of other purposes. Find out more about e-learning development capabilities of PPT2SWF Converter SDK.

Web content development

With the help of PPT2SWF Converter SDK and source library you can create a custom software for production of web-content in the form of visual presentations for publishing online.  It is efficient solution for educational content development and other web content creation because of its high interactivity, easy usage and versatility. Find more about web content development facilities of our PowerPoint to Flash converter.