Check for advantages of a new version of the best PPT2SWF solution on the market

You meet your partners and you need to show the job done? Say, you have an idea and you need to impress people around you. So you can create a new presentation of your company or brand and to show it to your clients.

PowerPoint is wonderful software that provides possibility to realize your ideas by creating presentations. Not many people use other products of the same type. For now this Microsoft tool is the best solution for the needs. Here you can do everything. You can use any fonts to highlight the main points of the document. Insert animation, video/audio files, diagrams or tables to make presentation even more interesting and impressive.

Convert PowerPoint Presentation to Flash – great solution for content sharing!

The only problem is how it all looks like and how much it is convenient to use during the presentation itself. Yes, it’s possible to convert into PDF so nobody will be able to copy or reuse it again. There exist a lot of tools which convert into PDF easily and quickly. But PDF has many weak points, which make it useless in some situations. You cannot convert video/audio into PDF, it wouldn’t play. It’s impossible to convert animation as it wouldn’t move. What to do if video and animation are the key points of your PPT presentations? The only solution to this problem is Flash. PPT2SWF SDK allows you to convert PowerPoint document into SWF files without losing any of it components.

Various symbols and fonts support

Whatever font you use it will be always converted without any mistakes. PPT to Flash does its job even with embedded fonts like German Ö or French È. These letters will be converted without any misrepresentation. Version 4 of PPT2Flash has even improved option of converting Symbol letters.

Multimedia in presentations is supported!

You need to play an audio file? Well, PPTtoSWF allows you to convert any audio you chose in a good quality. All the functions of the audio player will be available in a converted document: Play, Stop, Reset etc. So you can switch on the sound or stop where and when you need.

Video and animation are also not a problem anymore with PPT2Flash Converter. Our latest version even allows you to add during the conversion the special buttons to animation like Play or Stop. So you can play the animation nonstop or at the right moment you need it. And what about pictures or Excel tables? PDF converts them in a good way but Flash converter does it on a much high quality level.

With all that possibilities conversion does not take much time. A new 4th edition of PPT2Flash enables you to convert documents 600% faster than before. Achieved balance between quality and size of the document is optimal so you can place it on your website. You can also choose the option of file compression. That will optimize the document’s size.

Save your time, save your money – use our powerful PPT to SWF Converter

The tool’s options allow creating not a one flash file but several different swf documents at a time. So you will save a lot of time. The possibility to preview the document allows avoiding undesirable mistakes. It’s also possible to play not every slide but to choose only a few of them to show.

The main benefit of the product is that it’s Software Development Kit. On its basis you can create your own converting program, which meets your needs and sell it as your own developed soft. The SDK includes samples for C# (desktop and console), VC, Visual Basic, and Delphi. You can create our program on every programming language, which is convenient for you. So, PPT2SWF SDK enables you to develop a custom converter that meets your requirements – starting from interface of the program and ending with special options for unordinary and complicated conversions.