PPT2SWF SDK changelog

The new Version 4.3.1 comes with:

  • Fixed some small bugs

The new Version 4.3 comes with:

  • Added support of right-left texts (displaying of paragraphs, punctuation, bullets etc)
  • Fixed bugs with parsing of fonts
  • Added possibility for converting Hebrew texts
  • Implemented animations for Hebrew texts
  • Fixed invalid link to audio file creation
  • Fixed invalid link to video file creation
  • Fixed conversion of Chinese  symbols

The new Version 4.2 comes with:

  • Optimized for Windows 7 and Office 2010
  • Support of on-click and automatic media content
  • Increased speed of converting
  • Output file size is reduced
  • Improved quality of converted images
  • Bug fixing

The new Version 4.1 comes with:

  • added possibility to convert linked Audio and Video in console version
  • fixed problems with displaying bullets in Office 2010
  • added function to control Video by click in SWF output file
  • added possibility to minimize application
  • added possibility to convert to .exe and open contains folder in Console version
  • added function for creating folders in output path, if they don’t exist
  • fixed problems with converting hierarchy of bullets in Office 2010
  • add PNG support to generating thumbnails
  • reworked effects Peek IN and Peek OUT
  • fixed error “Index out of range error appears”
  • fixed slide transitions effects
  • reworked effect Bounce
  • added support of effects Spiral IN and Spiral OUT
  • added Swivel effect (Office 2010 and 2007)
  • supported MotionPath effects: Arc Down, Left, Right, Up, Line, Circle, Rectangle, Diamond, Pentagon, Hexagon, Parallelogram, Right triangle, Square, Trapezoid, Octagon, Equal Triangle
  • added Optimize quality function, which reduced file size by 50% and more
  • reworked user’s interface, fixed some issues

Version 4

  • increased speed of converting by 600%
  • output file size is reduced by 30%
  • function GetSlideAction, which shows number of slide in scripts (new)
  • reworked and created new interface of program
  • ability to preview created SWF file in default browser
  • improved Circle effect: Entrance OUT and Exit IN
  • Magnify effect (new)
  • better quality of converted images
  • finding video files in current folder if link was missing
  • corrected and improved quality of converting tables and diagrams
  • timer of duration of converting
  • converting of background in Windows 7 and Office 2010
  • improved converting of Symbols font
  • improved Text Direction in rotated shapes
  • audio and video for MS PowerPoint 2010

Version 3

  • additional animations support
  • video support
  • MS PowerPoint 2010 support
  • transformation of rotated text and arrows
  • animations of sequences and grouped items
  • background hiding support

Version 2

  • Unicode support
  • click to skip current animation
  • Cyrillic fonts supported
  • optimized converting performance
  • background transition enhancements
  • On click and by time animations
  • additional animations supported

Version 1

  • slide transitions
  • Xml log
  • new effects: Slide Cover Right Text, Image Appear
  • PowerPoint to Flash conversion core improvements and optimizations
  • scale support
  • “one SWF file per each slide in the PPT” support
  • samples update
  • animations support
  • thumbnails generation