How to achieve best conversion quality using PPT2SWF Converter

Read this manual for successfully converting PowerPoint to Flash with ABTO Software`s PPT2SWF Converter.

Best Practices for convert PPT to Flash

  • For best quality and results it is recommended for you to use MS Office 2010/2007/2003
  • For better placement of text while converting, avoid using large variations in font size of text in a single line. When you use single or multiple characters with large font size the rest text may be raised higher vertically.
  • For better quality of images in output you should resize images outside PowerPoint before using them in slides.
  • When you want to insert audio or video file into your presentation – use option “link to file” in the pop-up window.
  • Use the text box, instead of standard blocks, they support Word Art Styles.
  • Don`t return shape on 90 degree to the left and text on 90 degree to the right (text should looks exactly).
  • While creating PowerPoint presentations for converting into Flash, all text frames and graphical objects must be within the slide area.
  • All inserted into presentation graphics should have smaller dimension and size than the slide size (Do not resize (especially stretch) as this may spoil the image quality).
  • While converting PPT to SWF don`t do backdown before / after string if there is no more text and they are redundant.
  • Set duration at least 1 second between effects that managed to display text animation appearance and disappearance.

Known Issues

  • For performing the PowerPoint to Flash conversion all fonts used in a PowerPoint presentation must be installed on the computer. Otherwise text might be displaced in the converted slide. If the font you used is not found, system will display the default font for rendering the text.
  • Text with special characters may be displayed incorrectly. It will depend on the Unicode output of the special characters.
  • Some bullets may be converted into Flash improperly. Bullets that have an ASCII code lower than 255 work correctly. Rests may be slightly displaced vertically.
  • If you insert animated .gif with the help of “New Photo Album” PPT feature, the PPT to Flash tool will convert them as custom picture.
  • We do not support some animations provided by PowerPoint, but all of the most commonly used animations converts properly.
  • Multiple font size in a single line will be aligned from center.
  • Speed of the moving object for the motion path may vary.
  • Repeat for “Until End of Slide” and “Until Next Click” will keep on play for the end of the slide.

Follow this manual to know how to convert PowerPoint to Flash and make stunning presentations, without delving into the Flash studying. Now you can seamlessly convert PPT to Flash and obtain web-integrated, secure, and smaller in size, highly compatible interactive presentations.