5 Ways of PowerPoint to Flash Conversion

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There are 5 ways how to convert PowerPoint files to Flash.

ppt, pptx to flash, swf, exe converterConvert PowerPoint to Flash with PPT2SWF Converter by ABTO Software

Our high-powered PowerPoint to Flash Converter allows to create Web-ready presentation in Flash format. With this converting software your presentation can be easily embedded into web-page and broadcasting among the users via Internet. ABTO’s PPT to Flash Converter provides the highest quality of the converted files.

How to convert PPT to SWF with our top-notch converter:

1)    Create the PowerPoint Presentation (.PPT or .PPTX).

2)    Run the PPT2SWF Converter.

3)    Choose the file for converting from PPT to Flash

4)    Choose the place where to save the converted file

5)    Select the converting type of presentation

6)    Click “Convert”

7)    Wait till the converting process finish and open saved file with Flash Player or browser.

Advantages: Retains all the hyperlinks, multimedia files, font styles and animations after conversion. Also there is new feature – support of right-left fonts.

Convert PowerPoint presentation to flash with Open OfficeConvert PowerPoint to Flash using OpenOffice

1)    Launch OpenOffice.org Impress.

2)    Open the PowerPoint presentation that you want to convert to Flash.

3)    Select “Export file” function.

4)    Choose Adobe Flash (SWF) in the Filter box. Click OK.

Defect: All the animations, multimedia files in the presentation will disappear after conversion. However it is suitable way for static presentations.

Manual pptx to swf conversion with adobe flashConvert PowerPoint to Flash manually with Adobe Flash

1)    Save PowerPoint slide into WMF.
Office button -> Save As -> Other Formats, select Windows Metafile (*.WMF) at Save as type drop-down list, and click Save. Then click Every Slide button in the pop-up dialog.

2)    Import the WMF files into Flash.

3)    Export the FLA file to a SWF file.

Defect: It is too complicated and all the animations will disappear after conversion.

Convert PowerPoint to Flash via online file conversion

PowerPoint to Flash Conversion with some web applications allows user to convert files without downloading a software tool. You can type in a URL or upload file from their computer. Then convert the file to specified format. You could upload the PowerPoint presentation you want to convert, choose SWF format and then input your email address to receive an email with a URL from where you can download the converted file.

Defect: Conversion can be failed, there is limitation to file size, and most of the animations will disappear.

Convert PPT to Flash with presentation sharing website

There are several good presentation sharing websites. You could upload your presentation to these websites, and then they will convert your presentation to Flash and then share the SWF file on web.

Defect: You cannot download the SWF file to your computer.

Which method is most appropriate for you?

All of these ways let you to convert PowerPoint to Flash. Method that will be appropriate for you depends on your presentation. For fixed presentations with no music, videos and animations, you can use OpenOffice, Adobe Flash or online file conversion service. For multimedia presentation with video, music and animations, presentation sharing web-sites or screen recorder is an appropriate choice.

But none of the abovementioned way of PowerPoint to Flash conversion could be universal and dependable solution except the first one – PPT2SWF Converter designed by ABTO Software.

We developed this smart and intuitive tool for creating bright and impressive presentations. Our PPT2SWF Converter combines all of possible conversion methods and can easily replace all of them.

PPT2SWF Converter is great tool for educational content development and other web content creation. It is possible to utilize our converting software as a high-quality e-learning solution, as it preserves all the Power Point animation, sounds and other necessary effects. PowerPoint to SWF Converter by ABTO Software is an interactive and easy-to-use tool as well.